Frequently asked title questions click here.

Print Electronic Title click here.  The title will be mailed to you as it is printed on security paper.

Titles in more than one name separated by "or" can be sold by any of the individuals.  If names are separated by "and", all parties must sign.

To add or remove any name from a title (including lienholder - add only) requires the vehicle to be retitled and the fees below apply.  A surviving spouse does not need to retitle as they are authorized to sign as owner (provide copy of death certificate to sell vehicle).

Title not required on trailers through 1999 pounds, mopeds (with pedals), or motorized bicycles.  For homemade trailers, obtain a certified weight slip to obtain a tag.

Electronic Title  $75.25
Paper Title        $77.25

You can obtain a printed copy of an electronic title at our offices for $10.