Disabled Persons Parking Placard

(note: any fees listed subject to change by legislative action)

Individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities and organizations that transport the disabled may apply for permits that allow parking in spaces designated for the disabled. A parking placard must be hung on the rear view mirror when the vehicle is parked in a designated handicapped parking space. The placard is transferrable to any vehicle transporting the disabled person to whom the placard was issued.

Form DHSMV 83039 must be signed by the applicant and his/her physician for a 4-year placard (permanent placard) to be issued. There is no charge for a permanent placard. The applicant must have either a current Florida driver's license or a Florida Identification Card issued by the Florida Division of Driver Licenses. The permanent placard expires on the disabled person's birthday every four (4) years. To renew, complete Form 83039 and take to a tax collector's office or mail to:

Clay County Tax Collector
PO Box 1843
Green Cove Springs, FL  32043

A temporary disabled placard can be issued for up to one year with Form 83039 signed by both the applicant and the physician. The fee for the temporary placard is $15.

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