Annual license taxes for the operation of motor vehicles are paid upon registration or renewal:
For late fees click here.  Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card.  The credit card vendor will charge a 2.39% fee with a $2.00 minimum.  Leased vehicles have a different fee schedule - please contact the state at 850-617-2000 for costs.

Automobile (private use) Cost The decal and registration receipt can be mailed to the owner for a $.75 mail fee. Metal license plate can be mailed for a $4.70 mail fee.  These amounts must be added to the rates at left.

Non-resident Military
Special rates are in effect for non-resident military stationed in Florida.  The applicant must show orders and sign an affidavit verifying that legal residency is maintained outside of Florida.

Weight Under 2500 lbs. $27.60
Weight 2500 through 3499 lbs. $35.60
Weight 3500 lbs. and up $45.60
Lightweight Trucks
Weight under 2000 lbs. $27.60
Weight 2001 through 3000 lbs. $35.60
Weight 3001 through 5000 lbs. $45.60
Other Vehicles
Motorcycle $24.10
Motor Home over 4500 lbs. $58.85
Travel Trailer 35 ft. or less $38.60
Trailer - Private Use < 500 lbs. $18.35
Mopeds $19.10
Additional Fees
Transfer plate from another vehicle prorated using weight difference and new birthdate plus $4.10
New metal license plate $28.00
Initial Registration fee-not on heavy trucks or trailers $225.00
Title Fees
Electronic Title $75.25
Paper Title $77.75
Fast Title $85.25
Off-Highway Vehicles $43.00
Sales Tax 
Florida Sales Tax 6%
Clay County Discretionary Tax 1.5% on first $5,000