New Residents

Vehicle registration is required within 30 days of establishing residency. "Residency" is generally described as taking full-time employment, applying for homestead property tax exemption, enrolling children in school, or registering to vote.

The following forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download this free reader.

Military Servicemembers and Families:

Click here for Important information for military service members and their families about Florida driver licenses and motor vehicles.

Important items to note:

  • If you are changing your drivers license as well as your vehicles to Florida in the same visit, please click here for an appointment.  Please choose "Drivers License New or Renewal" in the drop down.
  • We must see the vehicle to verify its ID number. If the vehicle is not currently in Florida, Form HSMV-82042 (I.D. Verification) must be filled out by the selling dealer or a police officer in the state where the vehicle is located. If a vehicle that is located in Florida cannot be driven, a Florida notary, Florida dealer or police officer, or a Florida DMV inspector may complete the form.
  • All registered owners must be present, otherwise a Form HSMV-82040 (Application for Title) must be signed by the owner not present before title can be transferred.
  • Bring the original title. If it is being held by a bank or lien holder, bring in their name and complete address and your loan account number so that we can verify the title. Without the original title, you must bring the current state registration.
Registration checklist - please bring all items below:

  • Vehicle title or address of lien holder (state registration if title isn't available).
  • Vehicle or Form HSMV-82042 (ID Verification) (form completely filled out).
  • Registered owners must be present, or bring Form HSMV-82040 (Application for Title).
  • Proof of Florida insurance (card, policy, or binder). Proof of insurance must be for this vehicle and must show an effective date equal to or before the date of registration. If none of these are available, an affidavit can be downloaded and completed. The State of Florida requires that each motorist carry a minimum of $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability Insurance on all motor vehicles (not including trailers and motorcycles).  Driver license and registration will be suspended immediately if the insurer denies the insurance information submitted for the registration.
  • A signed picture ID (driver's license or valid passport).
  • Bill of sale or invoice if the vehicle was purchased less than 6 months ago. Florida sales tax may be applicable.
  • Military personnel should bring a copy of orders. Click here for Important information for military servicemembers and their families about Florida driver licenses and motor vehicles.
  • All leased vehicles require a Power of Attorney from the leasing company in order for the lessee to sign the title application.
  • Florida sales tax exempt number on lease vehicles.
To review possible fees involved in registration, click here. An Initial Registration Fee of $225 is imposed on all vehicles receiving a Florida license plate for the first time. Some vehicles exempted from this fee are motorcycles, lease vehicles (except trucks weighing under 5,000 lbs.), trailers, and all trucks weighing over 5,000 lbs.

Annual Renewal: Each year approximately one month before your tag expires, you may receive a renewal notice that will allow you to renew your vehicle registration by mail. It is your responsibility to renew your registration prior to the expiration; do not depend on the notice. It is also your responsibility to keep your address current on both your driver's license and your registration.

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