Vehicle Purchased from an Individual

To register a used vehicle purchased from an individual

Please bring the following items within 30 calendar days of the sale to avoid a late transfer penalty:

Bill of sale or invoice if purchased within the last 6 months.  Florida Sales Tax may be applicable.

Title - The seller must complete the Transfer of Title by Seller section. Odometer reading is required unless the vehicle is ten years old or older.  Purchasers will need to sign title.  If bank holds title waiting for payoff, request letter from bank to obtain a temporary tag until title is received.

Proof of Florida Insurance (card, policy, or binder).  Proof of insurance must be for this vehicle and must show an effective date equal to or before the date of registration.  If none of these are available, an affidavit can be downloaded and completed.  The State of Florida requires that each motorist carry a minimum of $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability Insurance on all motor vehicles (not including trailers and motorcycles). Driver license and registration will be suspended immediately if the insurer denies the insurance information submitted for the registration.

A signed picture ID (Drivers License or valid Passport)

Vehicle - If titled out-of-state, as we must verify the VIN number.  If the vehicle is not currently in Florida, Form HSMV-82042 (ID Verification) must be filled out by a police officer in the state where the vehicle is located.  If a vehicle that is located in Florida cannot be driven, a Florida notary, or police officer, or a Florida DMV inspector may complete the form.

All persons whose name the vehicle is to be registered in must be present (even if separated by "or"); otherwise, a power of attorney will be needed or a Form HSMV-82040 (Application for Title) must be signed by the owner not present before title can be transferred.


Title - Electronic ($75.25), Paper ($77.75), Fast (take with you same day) or out-of-state titles-($87.75)
Sales Tax - 7.5% of first $5,000 plus 6% of amount over $5,000
Tag - you must either transfer an existing registration or obtain a new registration - the seller will remove their tag from the vehicle.  Tags are priced by weight of vehicle - see Fees under the Motor Vehicles section of the website.  If you do not have a previous registration to transfer, there is an initial registration fee of $225.  $28 if a new metal tag is required.  To transfer a plate from another vehicle, the fee is prorated using weight difference and new birthdate plus $4.10 transfer fee.

If you are titling the vehicle in another state, you may visit our office to obtain a temporary tag to legally drive it in Florida.  If vehicle purchased out of state, visit the local tax collector's office in that state to obtain a "temporary tag" for travel to Florida.

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